BEETLE ATLAS is a definitive, tissue-specific transcriptomic resource based on RNA-Seq data for the Tribolium community and beyond. From a simple web search BeetleAtlas allows users to explore the spatial expression pattern of genes of interest in embryos, larvae and adults of the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum. Thus, in its simplest form, BeetleAtlas will provide an answer to the key question in functional genomics “Where is my gene of interest expressed?”. For each tissue you can obtain the transcript abundance (FPKM) and enrichment (compared to whole beetle), and for all conditions there is information on gene splice variants (i.e. isoforms).

Different types of queries are available:

GENE: For a particular gene, find details of its expression in different tissues or in embryos.
TISSUE: For a given tissue, find the genes of a particular category with the greatest expression.
CATEGORY: For a given tissue, find highly expressed genes corresponding to certain assigned keywords.
ADULT/LARVA: For a given tissue, find the genes that show different expression between larva and adult.
EMBRYO: Find genes expressed at different stages of embryo development.
PROFILE: Find genes with a pattern of expression similar to a gene of interest.

HELP: Operating instructions are provided for each query. Further information is available in Docs or the Manual.

This dataset was generated by Kenneth V. Halberg and Muhammad Naseem, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
The web application and the underlying database is by David P. Leader, University of Glasgow, UK. A study that made use of this resource has recently been published in Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA (2023) 120, e2217084120, and a description will appear in the 2024 special issue on Computation Resources for Molecular Biology in J.Mol.Biol.

Last updated: 5th March 2024.