FLYATLAS 2 ( is the RNA-Seq successor to the original, microarray-based, FlyAtlas. It continues to provide an answer to the question “Where is my gene of interest expressed in Drosophila melanogaster?” — but with greater precision and more detail. Specifically, FlyAtlas 2 now provides access to:

As previously, one can search by gene, category, tissue or tissue-expression profile; and functionality has been improved through mobile support and the option to download results in spreadsheet format.

The FlyAtlas 1 data are still available, either in their original format or through the ‘2013’ interface, and provide a useful comparison to the RNA Seq data, from which links are provided.

FlyAtlas 2 is the result of a project in the Dow laboratory at the University of Glasgow, supported by the BBSRC. The work was described in a paper in the Database issue of Nucleic Acids Research for 2018, with an update in the 2022 issue.

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