FlyAtlas 2 – Gene
For a particular Drosophila gene, find the pattern of expression in different tissues.
Gene Symbol (e.g. vkg) — start typing, then select from the autosuggest menu
Gene Name (e.g. viking)
Annotation Symbol (e.g. CG16858)
Gene ID (e.g. FBgn0016075)


Annotation Symbol
FlyBase ID
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There are no data in FlyAtlas 2 for this gene because the protein it encodes is translated from the same di- or poly-cistronic mRNA as that for gene FBgn0261680 (see Docs: Questions and Problems).
For detailed information, consult the FlyBase entry for the gene (link above). Running a FlyAtlas 2 search for gene FBgn0261680 will provide information on the expression of the transcript involved.