Motivated Proteins 2

“Increased in Scope”

MOTIVATED PROTEINS 2 is a web application based on the original Motivated Proteins, but built expressly for studying small hydrogen-bonded motifs in the context of protein architecture using the SCOPe classification. The main new features that Motivated Proteins 2 provides are:

  • Ten times the number of proteins of the original Motivated Proteins (ca.4500)
  • The ability to search for motifs within particular SCOPe architectural classes
  • An automatic search for proteins in the same SCOPe class if a protein of interest is not in the database
  • Interface enhancements: adapts to mobile devices, tables now downloadable
Although extending the original Motivated Proteins and replacing certain aspects of it, there are a few features unique to the latter, which is still available. These mainly relate to ligands or active sites, which require manual curation, impractical with the larger dataset. In addition, more extensive information regarding amino acid frequencies and dihedral angles is available in the updated Structure Motivator 2.

This is the mobile-friendly, 2021 version of the original Motivated Proteins, with a ten-fold larger dataset of 4484 entries. A Glossary of the motifs is available.
You may also wish to consult the Introduction to the facility and perhaps be interested in information about the complementary free desktop software, Structure Motivator.