Textual Data

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Textual Data

As well as presenting textual data on protein motifs to be read on-screen, we are aware that some users will wish to save the results of queries for reference or use in their own programs. Small data-sets can obviously be printed out and transcribed, but for larger data-sets we provide several options with different users in mind.


The web pages are all valid XHTML 1.0 strict, and so can be handled by tools that process XHTML. However, the tabular portion of the web pages is all that is likely to be of interest, so the technical user will probably find the XML option (below) more attractive.

Parsable Text

The pop-up ‘Text’ option presents the data delimited by the ‘|’ (pipe) character for ease of parsing. As well as programmers, this may be of interest to users wishing to import the output into a spreadsheet. If one opens the text file in a recent version of Microsoft Excel, for example, one is presented with a parser (‘Text Import Wizard’) from which one should choose to import at the first row of data, and specify the pipe character as the delimiter. (Alternatively one can delimit on spaces if one wants to put individual residue numbers in separate columns.)


An XML version of the textual data is provided for those who require it. Remember to add the ‘.xml’ extension to the file when you save it.