Instructions & Help


Pathos is a web application that allows the results of mass spectrometric analysis of compounds in biological samples to be mapped to known metabolic pathways, with both textual and graphical output. The input files may contain either M/z values, in which case the potential corresponding compounds will be identified by the application, or Kegg or MetaCyc compound IDs; and may include just the M/z values or compound IDs, or either of these together with data and error values for different conditions. Regardless of the input, the graphical output is imposed on Kegg pathway maps. Because of the different types of input allowed, the input file must be formatted carefully and contain an initial line that allows the input type to be detected. Please read the section of these Instructions that relates to the input type that you wish to use.

An extended version of the instructions in pdf format can be downloaded from the home page. Pathos is described in the publication: Leader, D.P., Burgess, K., Creek, D. and Barrett, M.P. (2011) Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom., 25, 3422–3426.