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Printing & Saving


Printing the textual results of an analysis produces output which includes all the data (i.e. including any hidden from view on screen) and with irrelevant web decoration removed. (The preview facility on your browser will show how it will appear.)

Saving Text

There is no dedicated facility in Pathos to save the textual version of results to an editable file, but this can be achieved simply by selecting the web page, copying it, and then pasting it into an new word-processor or text-editor page. If you do not wish to edit the text, printing the pages to a PDF file may give the cleanest output.

Saving Graphics

In most modern operating systems graphics (maps etc.) can be saved by dragging to the desktop. (You will probably wish to rename the file.) Failing this, right-click (control-click on a one-button mouse) on the graphic and select the option in the pop-up menu to save the image to disc.